Peddler Woman

This outfit was made with medieval and Gorean role play in mind, but it could well fit into other venues.

It would be suitable for low caste women or would serve well as working dress for high caste women. We don’t heave things about in the warehouse in evening gowns, and would not go to the library dressed for a ball after all. It would also be appropriate dress for women of the plains and women of the north.

It comes with sculpted kerchief and scarf. Seven kerchiefs are included, each with sculpted hair in different colors attached to the kerchief. You need not worry about finding hair that won’t stick out of the kerchief. Doing it this way, I did not have to make the kerchief unrealistically large to accommodate hair made by others and was able to achieve a more realistic look.

It also comes with a short sculpted prim vest that accentuates the narrow waist and a sculpted prim belt with pouch.

The sweater can be worn without the blouse for a more daring look revealing cleavage. For role play where a modest look is desired, translucent and opaque sculpted veils are included.

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