Black Rose Council Woman

This ceremonial outfit was inspired by the idea of evil queen meets Gorean free woman on planet Vulcan. How is that for an inspirational mishmash? The result makes for a truly intimidating appearance for that high caste or wealthy, high and mighty woman. She is not to be trifled with!

It can be worn with or without hair, which is not included. There is in the package a hood on the new tattoo layer. However, this hood will be visible only to those using a Viewer 2 compatible viewer which supports the tattoo layer feature.

It includes platform shoes and comes in 8 colors: black, blue, brown, gold, green, purple, red and white.

2 thoughts on “Black Rose Council Woman

  1. Yes and no. I made the avatar shape within Second Life using its tools to do so, which defines facial structure–nose size and shape, eye spacing, opening, shape, head size, shape, chin, mouth and so on. Someone else made the skin texture which provides skin colour, shading and texture. Thanks for your kind words!

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