NDA (Non-disclosure Agreement) lifted on mesh import beta!

Jack Linden posted in a blog today that the non-disclosure agreement is officially lifted on mesh import beta testers. You can read his blog entry here.

This means that those involved in the closed beta test can now officially talk about it, answer many questions we all have about programs they use, polygon limits, texturing, rigging and animation and much more. The blog links to a You Tube page showing 6 videos demonstrating mesh.

I have a thousand questions to ask! Well, ok, maybe five or six questions. I will be watching blogs for more information where we can find reports from beta testers and opportunities to ask questions.

Jack Linden indicated that open beta testing will come soon, and it will involve the use of a viewer made for that purpose and it would access a test grid and not the main grid. He promised in his blog entry more information in two weeks time, “The plan is to blog again in two weeks, when we’ll announce when the open beta will be available and talk more about the development process and the remaining work to be done.”

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