A First Look at Mesh Import Using Blender

“Gaia” was a participant in the mesh import beta test, and she has posted a how to video on her website, Machinamatrix, on how to use Blender to create meshes and export them in the Collada 1.4 format which can be imported into Second Life.

On her website are tutorials and videos which will teach you how to use Blender from scratch, and how to make sculpties for Second Life. I am not sure if sculpties will become obsolete, or if there will be some cases where sculpties are preferrable to mesh.

I was very excited to watch her excellent video which shows some of the possibilities. You can rig body parts to attach to your avatar that can move along with your body parts. This will revolutionize clothing. You can create long sleeves that will move with your avatar’s arm, jackets and vests that move with the body, and more! You can make your own avatar!

I wonder if one can make objects that can be rigged for animation and animated without attaching them to your avatar. I look forward to learning more about mesh import, and as I learn more, I will keep you posted here.

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