Still playing with weighted mesh clothing!

I completed the skirt for to go with the tunic I blogged about a few days ago. I tried linking the skirt to the tunic, and that works perfectly, so even though it is made up of two mesh pieces, it is only one piece in my inventory that I need to wear, taking up only one attachment point.

The two pieces together total 32 prims at the moment. The Lindens continue to tinker with prim equivalencies, so I hope it will be fewer prims when mesh comes to the main grid. When I first uploaded the tunic, it came in as only 6 prims, and then it jumped to 14.

It took a lot of fiddling to get the weighting just right. The weighting provides some control over how the mesh deforms with the joints. It works perfectly for most poses. I tried a couple of extreme poses where a bit of leg poked through, so I included glitch pants. It won’t be 100% perfect for all poses, but I would say it is about 95%. Because most of the avatar beneath is alpha’d out, it will fit anyone. I experimented by moving appearance sliders to the extremes, and it works.

My next attempt will be a pair of boots.

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