Lady of the Towers

My first mesh clothing is now up for sale! More soon to follow.

This medieval styled rigged mesh dress moves with the body. In the demo package you can try on the three dress sizes and the two alpha sizes to determine if one will fit your avatar as you prefer.

There are two kinds of mesh clothing: rigged and un-rigged.

The rigged dress will move with avatar customization sliders for bone length and width (shoulders, hips, tallness, arm and leg length), but not with morph sliders that control things like breast size, belly size, butt size, love handles, and general muscularity settings. That is why three different sized dresses are provided so that you can find one that should come close to your avatar. The alphas hide any parts that might poke through.

Un-rigged mesh is much easier to fit to your avatar than sculpties or prim attachments made of multiple pieces. The un-rigged shoes are designed for a shoe size setting of 0. Unlike prim or sculpty shoes, they are one piece each, so you can make them wider or more narrow, shorter or longer, by only making one adjustment! There are no parts to the shoes that you must adjust individually!

In general you will find that most mesh clothing will have a lower prim equivalent than would be needed to make it out of sculpties, flex prims, and normal prims, and will cause less lag for yourself and those around you.

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