Wagon Master

Here is my first mesh outfit for men, made in three sizes. Grab the demo and try it on!

I had some fun making different sized avatars, from dwarf to orc, to show the size customization that is possible with mesh. Mesh will adjust with many sliders, those associated with bone length, and shoulder and hip width. This does permit one outfit to fit a dwarf, child, man, and orc.

Unfortunately mesh does not adjust with sliders for breast and chest size, butt size, or muscularity. For that reason I have provided three sizes to accommodate the most common range of variation in these. The included alpha will hide bits of your avatar that may poke through. With these you should be able to come close to your preferred avatar shape and size, unless your avatar goes to an extreme in slider settings.

The best advice I can offer is to take the free demo and try it before buying!


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