Medieval Building Complex

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I have noticed when looking at medieval building pictures that they look like they have been added on to in a number of ways over time–a window pushed out here, a wall pushed out there hanging over the street with supporting beams below, something jutting out of the roof, something attached to the side of the building, and such. The result is a bit of a mixed up jumble, but still strangely appealing and definitely interesting. It sets the imagination to work trying to picture the internal arrangement of spaces. I tried to capture that sense of sprouting and growth in this building complex. It contains four separate areas, each with its own entrances. It could be used for many purposes.

I am using the complex on my sim build as dock buildings. On the left side, looking at it from the front, is a warehouse, where incoming cargo can be unloaded and stored awaiting calculation of duty and taxes, with the harbourmaster’s office jutting out from the front. On the side are steps leading up to a spacious apartment above with a balcony facing back, and two pushed out, diamond leaded windows in the front.

I use the warehouse as the landing point for my sim, so people can get role play rules and meters without the givers of these items cluttering up the outside and presenting an eyesore on the lovely environment.

To the right on the bottom floor is a long, narrow shop with a bay window out front and a door opening out onto the back side of the complex. At the right end is a brothel. It has front and back entrances (for discrete departures and fast escapes), and inside stairs leading up to three bedrooms over top of the shop and street below.

These spaces present a myriad of possibilities for the imaginative sim or city builder. Come rez it at my building vendor at my main store over Debatable Lands, or visit it on the ground at North March.

The doors can be set by the owner to Admin List (people who can enter when locked, lock or unlock doors can be easily added), or Group (people must have the group the doors are set to active to enter when locked, lock or unlock doors). Instructions are included.

The glass panes in the windows have two faces which can be set independently to varying degrees of opacity according to your preference using the texture tab on the Second Life edit window.


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