Doors and Frames

Get it on the Marketplace!

Get it on the Marketplace!


Get it on the Marketplace!

Doors and Door frames for builders with full permissions, subject to user license outlined below. Two styles of door frame and two sets of doors with two styles of hinges included in the set.

The hinges are raised and the door handles are detailed mesh, not textures. Two texture faces on each door, one for wood and the other for metal texture choices. Apply your own textures or use them as they are.

Door script included at no additional charge, fully modifiable. The script allows the user to choose whether the door can be locked, unlocked or accessed according to an Admin list, or according to active group. Instructions for the script are included.

User License:

The product you have purchased comes to you with full permissions, so that you might use them as part of your own creations that you might in turn sell. By purchasing and using this product, you agree to:

* Change permissions to no transfer for the next user;
* not give away or resell this product alone;
* not sell or give away this product as part of a larger package of components;
* not resell this product under a different brand or product name, claiming it as your own creation.

Any violation of the above would be an infringement of intellectual property rights.

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