Black Rose Scribe Desk

All mesh, just one piece with a land impact of 9 prims. Animated, and when you sit you are given a quill. Right click the quill in your inventory and choose “add” to hold it and write.

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Great Hall Fireplace

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Rugged and made of cold grey stone, but carved and chiseled by a master craftsman, this medieval fireplace will warm your hall and provide the perfect backdrop for gatherings that will warm your heart. Add some candlesticks, a garland and hang your stockings for perfect Christmas decor.





Detail 2

Included in the package are the wood holder and fireplace tools. The fireplace is linked to three chimney prims with a particle smoke prim at the top. The chimney parts are mod and copy, so you can add pieces or stretch them to fit your building.

Fireplace Expanded

Black Rose Marble Fireplace and Accessories

Black Rose Marble Fireplace includes the accessories set, or you can buy them alone to go with a fireplace you already own.

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Buy it on the Marketplace!

Black Rose Fish Wall Fountain

This wall fountain would make a nice companion piece to the Mermaid Fountain.

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