Peasant Tunic & Dress

I finally got this mesh outfit adjusted to fit three sizes and have put it up for sale! Try the free demo to see if one of the three sizes will fit your avatar to your satisfaction before buying. Included are mesh boots.

This is definitely a working woman’s outfit. It could be the best dress owned by a peasant, or a working dress for a lady of position. Even the highest born lady would not wear a ball gown every day, or travel about the dusty streets in fine silks, just inviting pickpockets and robbers to follow her.

Available in six colours: black, blue, brown, gold, green and red.

Get the demo on the marketplace!

Lady of the Towers

My first mesh clothing is now up for sale! More soon to follow.

This medieval styled rigged mesh dress moves with the body. In the demo package you can try on the three dress sizes and the two alpha sizes to determine if one will fit your avatar as you prefer.

There are two kinds of mesh clothing: rigged and un-rigged.

The rigged dress will move with avatar customization sliders for bone length and width (shoulders, hips, tallness, arm and leg length), but not with morph sliders that control things like breast size, belly size, butt size, love handles, and general muscularity settings. That is why three different sized dresses are provided so that you can find one that should come close to your avatar. The alphas hide any parts that might poke through.

Un-rigged mesh is much easier to fit to your avatar than sculpties or prim attachments made of multiple pieces. The un-rigged shoes are designed for a shoe size setting of 0. Unlike prim or sculpty shoes, they are one piece each, so you can make them wider or more narrow, shorter or longer, by only making one adjustment! There are no parts to the shoes that you must adjust individually!

In general you will find that most mesh clothing will have a lower prim equivalent than would be needed to make it out of sculpties, flex prims, and normal prims, and will cause less lag for yourself and those around you.

Black Rose Council Woman

This ceremonial outfit was inspired by the idea of evil queen meets Gorean free woman on planet Vulcan. How is that for an inspirational mishmash? The result makes for a truly intimidating appearance for that high caste or wealthy, high and mighty woman. She is not to be trifled with!

It can be worn with or without hair, which is not included. There is in the package a hood on the new tattoo layer. However, this hood will be visible only to those using a Viewer 2 compatible viewer which supports the tattoo layer feature.

It includes platform shoes and comes in 8 colors: black, blue, brown, gold, green, purple, red and white.

Brocade Kirtle

This kirtle by Black Rose is perfect for social occasions for the woman of high station. It can be worn with or without the cream satin blouse with ruffles at neck and cuff. The sculpted headdress is based on photographs of a type of headdress common to medieval times. The upper sleeves are also sculpted to achieve a unique look typical of the period. Included are matching laced heel shoes and a veil for modesty. Black Rose Brocade Kirtle comes in 6 colors: black, blue, brown, green, red, and white.

Peddler Woman

This outfit was made with medieval and Gorean role play in mind, but it could well fit into other venues.

It would be suitable for low caste women or would serve well as working dress for high caste women. We don’t heave things about in the warehouse in evening gowns, and would not go to the library dressed for a ball after all. It would also be appropriate dress for women of the plains and women of the north.

It comes with sculpted kerchief and scarf. Seven kerchiefs are included, each with sculpted hair in different colors attached to the kerchief. You need not worry about finding hair that won’t stick out of the kerchief. Doing it this way, I did not have to make the kerchief unrealistically large to accommodate hair made by others and was able to achieve a more realistic look.

It also comes with a short sculpted prim vest that accentuates the narrow waist and a sculpted prim belt with pouch.

The sweater can be worn without the blouse for a more daring look revealing cleavage. For role play where a modest look is desired, translucent and opaque sculpted veils are included.

Wimple, Vest & Skirt

If the headdress of this outfit reminds of you a nun’s habit, it is no mistake. Its origin dates back to medieval times when it was considered proper for married women to cover their hair. Nuns are considered brides of Christ and so they would have followed this custom. Wimples could be heavily starched to form elaborate shapes.

This outfit is casual, appropriate to shopkeepers, servants, peasants and such. Women of all classes wish to beautify themselves, and there is a lovely floral pattern embroidered around the neckline and poofed sleeves. Two blouses are provided: a low cut blouse for the more daring, and a high necked blouse for modest wear.

Included with the outfit are 6 wimples with sculpted hair attached in different colors. Also included are sculpted shoes and a veil.

Medieval Lady

This is two dresses in one! There is a satin underdress made of cream colored silk spattered with small diamond shapes in gold. A shorter length robe with log sleeves that drape and fall from the elbow can be worn over top of this simple dress. A belt is inlcuded that can be worn with the dress alone or the dress and robe. The slippers included match the robe color. A headband is included with diamonds and gems that match the robe color. For modesty, translucent veils in cream and the robe color are included.