25L Tuesday Valentine’s Day Specials!

This is my first turn with 25L Tuesday, and it is my good fortune that this is a special Tuesday celebrating Valentine’s day permitting us to put out more than the normal 2 items. I created something new for the day, and will put out 4 outfits for free and slave.

I will be introducing a marketing and smuggling basket that I made for today. After today, it will not sell for 25L!

Anyone can click on the cloth cover to make it disappear, revealing the contents of your basket. You the owner, can click on the basket handle or body to change the contents of the basket via a pop up blue dialog menu. (No-one else can change the contents of your basket.)

You can choose to have an empty basket, or fill it with market items: fruit, eggs, groceries, or ramberries.

You can also choose to fill your basket with contraband items: arrowheads and daggers, a large amount of coins, blackwine beans or sacks of kanda.

I hope you enjoy the basket, and do be careful! Black Rose will not be held liable for any bail money, ransoms, or fines you may incur with its use!

I am putting out two color selections of the Leather Trimmed Robe for men in black and red.

I am putting out two color selections of Medieval Lady for women in black and red.

For the kajira:

And for the kajirus:

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!