Sculpty Resolution (LOD) Tip

Have you noticed that at a distance your sculpties don’t look as they should? Your head sticks through a hood? Your beautiful sculpted hair looks like you have bald patches with your scalp sticking through? Your sculpted prim top does not appear and you appear to be topless? Yikes! Here is a fix for that.

You may have heard the term LOD being used when people discuss sculpties. It stands for Level of Detail. When you are far away, your viewer decreases the level, which makes the sculpty’s resolution level lower.

Here is a fix for the problem that will NOT increase your lag or the lag of people around you.

1. From the menu bar on top of your screen, select “Advanced.”
2. From the drop down, select “debug settings” which is near the bottom.
3. In the blank space, type or copy and paste the word:
4. Increase the value to 4.000 minimum. (My friend the scripting wizard and all round geek recommends 8.000.)