Black Rose City Hall

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Land Impact: 194
Footprint 34 x 40 m

All mesh, detailed city hall. It would also make a good library, museum, art gallery, or store. The clock keeps Second Life time.

New fountain and drapes to decorate your home and garden.

I made a rose fountain and drapes for my main store rebuild, and I am offering them for sale!

Buy the fountain on the Marketplace.

Buy the drapes on the Marketplace.

Wagon Master

Here is my first mesh outfit for men, made in three sizes. Grab the demo and try it on!

I had some fun making different sized avatars, from dwarf to orc, to show the size customization that is possible with mesh. Mesh will adjust with many sliders, those associated with bone length, and shoulder and hip width. This does permit one outfit to fit a dwarf, child, man, and orc.

Unfortunately mesh does not adjust with sliders for breast and chest size, butt size, or muscularity. For that reason I have provided three sizes to accommodate the most common range of variation in these. The included alpha will hide bits of your avatar that may poke through. With these you should be able to come close to your preferred avatar shape and size, unless your avatar goes to an extreme in slider settings.

The best advice I can offer is to take the free demo and try it before buying!

Black Rose/Good Mojo 32 Man Tournament & Prize Boards

Maverick Schism, owner of Good Mojo, and I have collaborated on a few projects now and continue to work together. Our 16 man tournament board has proven to be a popular item, and we were often asked if we had a 32 man version of the board available.

We are pleased to release a 32 Man Tournament and Prize Board.

– up to 32 entrants
– boards designed to handle byes in fairest way possible
– board rezzed for the correct number of entrants from 8 to 32 (less than 8 on 8 man board)
– board can be reopened after closing without entrants having to re-enter
– admins can easily remove entrants or add entrants by name
– admins configured easily by notecard

Prize boards can be rezzed to display sponsors and calculate prize break down for one prize, two prizes (60/40), or three prizes (50/30/20).

Google SketchUp will make building easier in Second Life once mesh import arrives.

I took a look today at Google SketchUp, which will export to collada. Collada is the format for files to be imported as mesh into Second Life once that feature becomes available. SketchUp is a tool that was created by Google to make buildings for use in Google Earth. It is a 3D modelling program specifically made to make buildings. You can download version 7 free. There is a SketchUp 7 Pro version at a price of $495 US, but from what I can see this would be of interest only to those involved in building in the real world for it would permit saving floor plans with text and diagrams that would be of interest to real life builders. The free version will be quite satisfactory to build using mesh import for Second Life.

You can download the program at:


The controls and tools are extremely simple, yet give you incredible control.  There is a start up page featuring simple video tutorials at:

I watched a couple and saw immediately how much easier and more intuitive it will be to build using SketchUp than it is to build using prims in Second Life. I have heard some builders in Second Life voice worries that when mesh import goes live, it will render them unable to compete because 3D modeling programs are expensive and generally difficult and time intensive to learn. I would encourage these people to look at the SketchUp video tutorials to set their minds at ease. I would go so far as to predict that the introduction of mesh import, the ease of use and short learning curve of the free program Google SketchUp, and the ability to port buildings made in SketchUp to Second Life, will render building with Second Life primitives obsolete and rarely used.

SketchUp does have some limitations. It will not make organic shapes and so will not be the tool of choice to make animals or clothing meshes. However, for hard geometry it is excellent. It can make not only buildings, but furniture as well.

Linden Labs, please give us mesh import soon!! At least take it to open beta to let us learn and play with it!

Light and Shadow

Mesh import is not the only thing in closed beta at the moment. Improved lighting and shadows are in closed beta as well, and hopefully will come soon to either open beta or to the main viewer.

Take a look at some photos by Runitai Linden at the site below. Go into full screen and slideshow for the best view.