Black Rose Round Shield

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Black Rose Blacksmith

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– Two animations: Hammering and talking;
– Sparks fly and hammering sound when hammering;
– Scripted to tell 6 blacksmith jokes randomly on touch;
– The script is modifiable so you can change what he says;
– Advanced instructions in the script regarding link messages to activate the work or talk animation.

Great Hall Fireplace

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Rugged and made of cold grey stone, but carved and chiseled by a master craftsman, this medieval fireplace will warm your hall and provide the perfect backdrop for gatherings that will warm your heart. Add some candlesticks, a garland and hang your stockings for perfect Christmas decor.





Detail 2

Included in the package are the wood holder and fireplace tools. The fireplace is linked to three chimney prims with a particle smoke prim at the top. The chimney parts are mod and copy, so you can add pieces or stretch them to fit your building.

Fireplace Expanded