Mesh Parts windows released today!

Today I released 3 packages of mesh windows: rectangular, arched, and gothic. Each package also contains a hexagon shaped window.

Get it on the marketplace!

Get it on the marketplace!

Get it on the marketplace!

Linked prim counts as packaged range from 1 to 6 prims per window. Glass panes have three faces, so you can choose your crossbar texture, and set inside and outside glass textures to different degrees of opacity, so you can see out but others may not see in if you wish. Two styles of window pane textures are provided, opaque and lit glow. Two styles of window frames are provided.

The windows are full permissions with a user license.

The product you have purchased comes to you with full permissions, so that you might use them as part of your own creations that you might in turn sell. By purchasing and using this product, you agree to:

* Change permissions to no transfer for the next user;
* not give away or resell this product alone;
* not sell or give away this product as part of a larger package of components;
* not resell this product under a different brand or product name, claiming it as your own creation.

Any violation of the above would be an infringement of intellectual property rights.