Black Rose Mesh Banners

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Land Impact: 2 to 4

The top and bottom graphic areas are each half the vertical size of the center area. You can use these to place lettering or any kind of graphic you like on the banner, and the center area for a picture or logo or other kind of graphic. If they are in .tga or .png formats with transparent areas, the banner background will show through. A customization how to notecard is included with UV maps.

For those with advanced texture making abilities, I have included the banner texture with shading, specular map, and banner UVs.

Different stand and rope with tassel options enable you to customize your banner further.

Two scripts are included in the package, one that will simply give out on touch any inventory items placed in it.

Sometimes role players like to drop a flag on an enemy. To avoid prim litter and ensure you are not grieving, the second script will give any inventory items within it, and then die, deleting the banner from the sim so anyone can do clean-up.

Full Permissions subject to user licence.

Mesh Banner User License:

The product you have purchased comes to you with full permissions, so that you might share them with residents of your sim or parcel to maintain a consistent look. By purchasing and using this product, you agree to:

* Change permissions to no transfer for the next user;
* not sell or give away this product on its own or as part of something else;
* not resell this product under a different brand or product name, claiming it as your own creation.

Also available in Copy, Modify, No Transfer version:

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Black Rose Castle

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Land Impact: 973 prims
Footprint: 58 x 61 m.

Partial mesh. Great attention to detail.

Lockable portcullis and doors can be controlled by group access or admin list.

To be appreciated, must be seen. Visit the rezzer at my main store in world.

Castle Front

Throne Room

Longshot 2

Longshot 1

Top View


Great Hall Exterior

Great Hall 1

Great Hall 2

Interior 2

Interior 1

Great Hall Fireplace

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Rugged and made of cold grey stone, but carved and chiseled by a master craftsman, this medieval fireplace will warm your hall and provide the perfect backdrop for gatherings that will warm your heart. Add some candlesticks, a garland and hang your stockings for perfect Christmas decor.





Detail 2

Included in the package are the wood holder and fireplace tools. The fireplace is linked to three chimney prims with a particle smoke prim at the top. The chimney parts are mod and copy, so you can add pieces or stretch them to fit your building.

Fireplace Expanded

Black Rose Tower

Do you have a fair maiden you need to lock up? Are your peasants revolting (and rising up too)? Or would you just like a secure place to live, high above ugly, raiding, hordes below? I have just the place for you!

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Four floors, the top two with open arched windows that you can fire arrows out of, or pour boiling oil or rocks on attackers below. The second floor has narrow slit windows designed for archers, and the bottom floor has only a door that attackers must get through.

Comes complete with mesh tree, grass and plants.

Decorate with cheery tapestries and manacles to suit your needs!