Black Rose Picture Frames

Get it on the marketplace!

Your picture frame has two panes. While one pane is showing the current picture, the unseen pane is rezzing the next picture so that when the timer activates it, the picture is already loaded and shows immediately without blurring.

1. Right click on the picture frame, choose edit, and then select the content tab in the edit window.

2. Drag pictures or textures from your inventory into the content tab.

3. Delete any pictures or textures you do not want from the content tab.

4. Click the general tab, and on the description line type in the number of seconds you want the picture to show before changing to the next.

Note: If you set the number seconds to too short a duration, there may not be sufficient time for the next texture to load before the timer activates it, and it could appear to be blurry for a few seconds.

Black Rose, S&S Textures, and Market Rebuild

It had been a couple of years since I had built my main store, Stenton’s texture store, and my market. In that time my building techniques and skills have improved, keeping up with new tools available in Second Life. It was time to rebrand myself and rebuild. Pictures tell the story best. Better yet, visit Vosk Woods to see it for yourself. You will need a mesh capable viewer.

Stenton Seale’s S&S Texture Warehouse

I would like to wish a warm welcome and thank you to my friends who were the first to establish shops in the new market!

Runic Arts, Nathan Zetkin

Insatiable, Obsession Babii

Soulful Looks, Emuna Zamani

Kajira Heat, Kali Byrd

Mystic Designs, Desire Night

Cherokee Rose, Unegv Wohali

From his perch high above the marketplace, Fred, Bryantt’s loyal and paga loving tarn, keeps watch over all.